What is DVAP?

We are excited to announce the beginning of a new project focused on voting issues effecting people with disabilities and their allies.  The name of this new effort is the Disability Voting Action Project. This project will be non-partisan,  focused on educating Texans with disabilities and their allies on issues effecting disabled Texans, our voting rights, access to voting and voter education. Texans with disabilities and their allies represent a significant percentage of potential voters.  However our voter registration and voter turnout needs improvement.

Learn more about DVAP and why we do what we do in our volunteer-made video below.


The mission of the DVAP of Texas is to increase the political power of Texans with disabilities and our allies by establishing the disability community as an educated, strong and mobilized voting constituency.


Unfortunately, Texans with disabilities are less likely to be registered to vote and less likely to vote if registered. Consequently, disability issues take a back seat to those groups who have more political clout, groups more likely to turn out voters.

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  1. Staci Miller says:

    I will be attending the Texas School for the Deaf Homecoming. I am very politically active and did attend the Disability Forum. I am also Deaf but fortunately grew up in a very political family so I am aware of a lot of information regarding voting and politics. I would like to advertise the “Rev up!” promotion theme that your organization inspires and need to either give out hand-outs or stickers to promote voting among the Deaf population. I do know that most of my Deaf friends tend to vote Democrat but I just want to promote “going out to vote”. Is there anyway I can be of use to this “Rev up” campaign before November 1st (Homecoming Event)? -Staci

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